About Ayur Soukhya

Counted amongst the renowned Ayurvedic doctors is Ayur Soukhya Multispeciality Ayurvedic Clinic & Panchakarma Centre in Parampuzha, Kottayam. Since 2014, we the Ayurvedic medical professionals have been running this clinic and practising this ancient medical science. Having many years of expertise in this domain of medical expertise, we have attended to countless patients. Ayurveda heals one’s body through herbal treatments, dietary changes and regimens. Practitioners of this medical science have a different way to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses. As a trained medical professional, our physicians have the thorough knowledge and practise of the time-tested procedures and remedies in the realm of Ayurveda. We are a group of determined and dedicated Ayurvedic doctors, from a single family practicing Ayurveda for more than last 50 years, and the belief that apart from herbs and treatments love is the most efficient medicine to cure. Our indescribable thanks go to our masters and teachers whose blessings and advises enabled us to fulfill this success.

About us

The entire staff of Ayur Soukhya Multispeciality Ayurvedic Clinic, including doctors, therapists and pharmacists are very well trained in academic and traditional knowledge and makes sure that every patient gets best, personalized treatments. We are not yet accomplished in our learning process but try to offer our best from our limited gained knowledge as the process of learning is defined as being infinite. We do not promise you complete healing in all diseases, as that process is not always in our hands. All that we promise you, is to give our best efforts with as much purity as we can offer. Not only do we practice Ayurveda, but we also try our best to live up to the ayurvedic principles.

Ayur Soukhya Multispeciality Ayurvedic Clinic is situated in a small and cute village in Kerala called Parampuzha.A typical Kerala village which is very easily accessible from different parts of Kottayam district. It is approximately 4 kms from Kottayam railway station,just 3 km away from the Main Centre Road from Chavittuvari and Sankranthi, 4 kms from Kanjikuzhi and kalathilpady and easily accessible from Ettumanur and Manarcadu too. We have amble car parking facility for our clients and is located road side of bus routes.

Our Specialist’s Ayurvedic Doctors providing goodness of nature to the people in safest ways through Ayurveda. We provide Consultation, Medicines from renowned Pharmacies and Panchakarma Therapies with eminent and qualified Therapists. We treat Spine disorders, Nervous System disorders, Joint disorders, Rehabilitation therapy for Stroke patients, Paralysis, Arthritis, Pediatric care, Gastro intestinal disorders, Post partem therapies,even treatments for common cold and cough through ayurvedic ways.

Our Doctors

Prof.Dr. John K George MD (Ay). Chief consultant physician

  • Retired professor from Government Ayurveda College.
    Renowned Ayurvedic Academician and Physician.
    Consultation on pre booked appointments only on every Months first Wednesday’s from 9:30 am to 11:30am

Dr. Shirly John BAMS DAT

  • Retired DMO ISM Kerala.
    Consultant Physician
    Consultation on pre booked appointments only on every months first Wednesday’s from 9:30am to 11:30am.

Dr. Sogi P George MD ( Ay)

  • Chief Consultant.
    Consultation on Monday to Saturday 5:30pm to 7:30pm on appointments.

Dr. Susha John MD (Ay)

  • Consultant Panchakarma specialist.
    Consultation from Monday to Saturday 3:30pm to 5:30pm on appointments.

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